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AJAX and PHP WebMail Clients (and other ramblings about apt-get dist-upgrade)

There was recently an article I saw online (Slashdot or Lifehacker, I can’t remember) about 10 AJAX and PHP webmail clients. The article is here. I check them all out one night and I ended up liking RoundCube the best. Since I started trying out IlohaMail for a webmail client with my IMAP server, which […]

Installing Google Gears on Ubuntu 64-bit

As an avid user of Remember the Milk, I recently noticed that my offline support wasn’t installed on my Linux laptop (Ubuntu 8.04, 64-bit). I went to install Google Gears for this, but realized that it was only available for 32-bit at the time. A little bit of Googling and I found this site. This […]

Ubuntu Wireless Manual Setup on Dell D610 with Active Directory Authentication

Setting Up Ursinus Wireless in Ubuntu Dapper on Latitude D610 In order to get the wireless working on the Ursinus Dell Latitude D610 laptops under Ubuntu Dapper, two mains steps are required. First, ndiswrapper must be installed to get the laptop to recognize the wireless card. Second, wpa_supplicant must be installed and configured to allow […]